Mentoring and Coaching for Trainers by Richard Bolstad

Dr Richard Bolstad is Transformations Principal Trainer

Can your NLP training business be a fun way to earn money for the lifestyle of your dreams? For some years now, I've been running NLP and other training in several places around the world. Now that we have completed NLP Trainer trainings on four different continents, there are hundreds of NLP trainers who have trained with us at Transformations and who are working to spread these skills throughout the world. If you are one of them, you know that just attending more trainings is not the most efficient way to build your expertise, in terms of time or money.

To be your best you need an individual Training Coach or Mentor. Unfortunately most successful trainers are too busy to provide this service, or they guard their personal training secrets too carefully. I do have training commitments on many days, AND, after a few requests, I've decided that making this coaching service available is a priority. Furthermore, I want to share my 40 years of training, coaching and writing experience with you and help you plan your own career. I am currently coaching trainers in Europe, Asia and the Americas.

Details: Skype allows us to connect wherever you are across the world, and quickly link into coaching without wasting travel time. Paypal makes payment easy from the same computer or phone you use for coaching. Sessions are done in English so you may need to organise an interpreter if that is not a language you speak. Email me your outcomes or topics for our session 24 hours before to get the best out of each session. Join me for individual 30 minute sessions (NZ$120) or 60 minute sessions (NZ$240). NZ$100 is currently about 7,450 Yen, US$68, or 60 Euro. New Zealand clients who are GST registered can claim back the GST. Email me right now to arrange a time that suits us both, and to let me know your Skype account name at Richard Bolstad.