Get Published and Speak Up

Auckland, New Zealand, March 16-17, 2019 ($500 or early payment $400)

Transformations: New Zealand's largest NLP Training organisation

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Exclusive to NLP Practitioners. Bring a laptop computer to this workshop. You are about to be a published author. Whether you have written several books or never written before, you will learn new skills on this weekend. Richard will guide you through writing a short article, and at the end of the weekend we will publish a book of our articles on Amazon Createspace. The next week, our book of inspirational experiences “NLP – Changing Lives” will be published on both Kindle and in paperback. Along the way, you will learn many new insights about the writing process, which are applicable to writing both articles and books. On the second day of the training, you will learn how to create a side career as a motivational speaker. You will design and practice a short speech which you can then market to community groups looking for a motivational speaker for their conference or breakfast session. Motivational speaking is different to training. It is brief, inspirational, and entertaining. Best of all, the story you tell in your article on day one will also form the core of your motivational speech. No more wishing you got around to it. This is the weekend that things happen!

Who is Richard Bolstad?

Our Venue In Auckland

Wellpark College North Shore, 14 Mills Lane, Albany 0632

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