NLP Trainings In Japan

Richard and Julia training in Japan

Richard Bolstad and Julia Kurusheva coaching a group in Japan

Trainings in 2018

You can read in Japanese about these trainings at Transformations NLP Trainings Japan, and at NLP Osaka. Firstly, here is a summary of the Trainings available in 2018


Richard gives an overview of his trainings in Japan

You can also download video of the start of the NLP Trauma recovery training as a 260 Megabyte WMV file from here and you can download the Trauma Recovery manual here.

Also, during Richard Bolstad's Trainings in Japan there are Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Coaching Sessions available with Julia Kurusheva. リチャード・ボルスタットとともに来日 ユリア・クルシェヴァ によるNLP(神経言語プログラミング)セッション

Wanting NLP Training in Japanese while we are not in the country? Momoko Adachi and Yukari Tokonami are NLP teachers who are certified to run the Transforming Communication course and have been doing so for many years. A full list of Transforming Communication Trainers in Japan can be found here.

NLP ラストカード (日本語)


NLPを楽しみながら学べる"NLP ラストカード"にようこそ。NLP の4タイプの言語パターンは、それぞれ違った用途がありますが、このゲームでは、ポジティブな示唆を与えるためだけに使います。カードにはそれぞれ、パターンの定義、その例、そして例文を作るための一般的なガイドなどが書いてあります。カードにはまた、NLPのモデルについての説明も書いてあります。

Price: $NZ33 (Approximately 3000 yen) set of 54 Large size cards (89mm x 146mm) In Japanese

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Articles About NLP In Japanese

NLP Training by Richard Bolstad, Summer in Japan

Dr Richard Bolstad's International NLP Practitioner certification in Japan is divided into 4 Trainings. Keys to Success is an introductory weekend course, and is the prerequisite for the other three courses. The other three courses can be taken in any order. The Master Practitioner course is similarly divided into four sections. The first is Transforming Communication, the only course at Master Practitioner level which is open to non-Practitioners. The other three sections of the NLP Master Practitioner course are Mastering Training, Mastering Healing and Mastering Language.

Richard's courses in Japan are taught in English and translated into Japanese as they are taught. The handouts are available in both English and Japanese. His book RESOLVE: A New Model of Therapy is available in Japanese from Shunjusha publishers.

"From the perspective of someone who is a teacher of neuroscience the contents of Richard’s trainings fitted very well. This course alone is worth more than a million yen!" - Nishi Takeyuki (西 剛志) Medical Science Teacher

Also see the NLP Japan Facebook Group

Our venue in Kyoto

The Language Nest, Kyoto

Supervision for Coaches, by Julia Kurusheva


August, 2018, Kyoto, Enrol from this page to Momoko Adachi

Prerequisite NLP Practitioner certification. Julia will build the Supervision day around whatever topics students bring (client issues such as Smartphone addiction, smoking, etc. or your personal challenges in managing your coaching sessions). You can suggest topics to Momoko Adachi or suggest them in English to Julia. It is also OK to just attend and learn from the topics others raise.

ユリアさんのスーパービジョンの内容. 参加者の皆さんから募集したトピック(スマホ依存症、禁煙など)の中からユリアさんが選択したものについてスーパービジョンを行います。その問題に関して、どのような点がセッションのスムーズな進行の妨げになったか、具体的に情報をください。何もトピックを提供せず聞いているだけでもOKです。トピックは足立までお寄せください。英語にして随時ユリアさんにメールで知らせます。皆様のご協力をよろしくお願いします。お申し込み後はいつでもいくつでもトピックの提案ができます。

Advanced Hypnosis and NLP Colloquium: Advanced trainings with Richard Bolstad


Kyoto, Thursday-Friday 30-31 August and Saturday-Sunday 1-2 September, 2018 To Enrol Contact Tomoko Bolstad

Enrolment is open to those who have completed NLP Practitioner Training and are familiar with Richard Bolstad's work. Some experience working with clients as a coach or counsellor is preferred. At the colloquium you will have the chance to observe Richard working with clients and to discuss his work at an advanced level. You will share in a group of highly skilled NLP Practitioners and advance you skill with NLP.

If you've trained with Richard Bolstad you know that he is processing ideas from across the spectrum of NLP and not caught in one particular school. Richard is travelling around the world meeting with other NLP trainers and sharing the latest ideas and processes every year. They are also studying the latest brain research, and research from other models of personal development, and making new links from this new information to their NLP work each year. What you learned from Richard Bolstad 6 years ago is not the same material as he is teaching now, and you have also evolved so that you can take much deeper learnings from a meeting with him. What if you could meet with Richard in a small, more informal group, free from the requirements of NLP basic certification trainings, and ask all the questions you wanted to ask? What if you could observe demonstrations by Richard's latest work and analyse those from the position of an expert?

Full List of other NLP Trainings by Richard Follows (available again from 2019)

Keys To Success, Introductory Weekend (2 days)

You'll learn how to...

Mind Your Language (4 days)

Open to people who have completed either Keys To Success or Transforming Communication
Full attendance required for credit towards International Certification with INLPA

You'll learn how to...

The Users Manual For The Brain (6 days)

Open to people who have completed either Keys To Success or Transforming Communication
Full attendance required for credit towards International Certification with INLPA

You'll learn how to...

RESOLVE (6 days)

Open to people who have completed either Keys To Success or Transforming Communication
Full attendance required for credit towards International Certification with INLPA

You'll learn how to...

Richard and Julia training in Japan

Richard Bolstad and Julia Kurusheva training in Japan

Transforming Communication In Teaching (4 Days)

What Is Transforming Communication?: In four days you'll learn and practise precision skills for improving your ability to build a motivated, cooperative learning environment, and resolve conflicts so that everyone wins; leading edge skills delivered with heart. You'll take these skills successfully into your teaching environment as well as your home and friendships. Transforming Communication is a new synthesis of Teacher Effectiveness Training, Neuro Linguistic Programming and Solution focused communication.

You'll learn how to...

Mastering Language (6 Days: Block 2 of The Master Practitioner Training)

Mastering Language takes your skill with NLP language patterns to an entirely new level. You will learn how to align your language with others' language and how to use it to guide them to profound experiences of change.

Mastering Training (5 Days: Block 3 of The Master Practitioner Training)

Mastering Training takes you into the core of NLP; the process of modelling.

Mastering Healing (5 Days: Block 4 of The Master Practitioner Training)

Mastering Healing shows you how to use NLP as a coach, consultant and counsellor. It equips you to use your NLP Practitioner skills and some new advanced skills, to work even with the more severe physical and psychological challenges that clients face.

NLP Trainer Training

The NLP Trainer Training is run in two blocks in Japan.

NLP Instructor Training (Block 1 of NLP Trainer Training)

This is an 9 day training in the skills to run short NLP based seminars. It focuses on the requirements to certify you as an Instructor of the Transforming Communication seminar. You will learn how to:

NLP Trainer Intensive (Block 2 of NLP Trainer Training)

Actual certification as an NLP Trainer with IANLP requires far more than simply attending this training. The requirements for Certification are:

  1. Attend the prerequisite trainings.
  2. Complete the 13 pages of closed book written pre-tests on NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner material
  3. Attend the Trainer Intensive.
  4. Complete the closed book test of NLP Trainer Skills.
  5. Demonstrate randomly selected examples from 9 core NLP proficiencies without notes.
  6. Use the NLP Trainer skills in an integrated way in two 20 minute presentations.
  7. Design a weekend training to IANLP standards.
  8. Run a 2-4 day NLP training (such as Transforming Communication) under supervision of one of the NLP Trainers.
  9. Assist at a full 18 day Practitioner and 18 day Master Practitioner course.

Time to complete requirements 3-7 will be available at the Intensive. Requirements 8 and 9 may be completed either before or after the Intensive. On completion of the requirements, you'll receive an NLP Trainers certificate with no expiry date and no contracts to sign. Details of these requirements are available in this PDF information.

Why complete the Trainer Intensive and certify as an NLP Trainer with Transformations? You can certainly attend the intensive just for the training. The skills will be applicable in any context where you want to deliver a speech, teach, lead a group, manage a meeting or train others. And this is a rare opportunity to train with several world class NLP Trainers. On the other hand, the fee for Certification is included in the Intensive fee, so by completing the Certification requirements you ensure you get the full benefit. It's up to you.

The Trainer Training is the final step on your journey to NLP Certification. Our name tells you what we're about. During and after the training, you can also purchase and use our extensive collection of audio and videotapes, books and handouts to model and teach with in your trainings. On this Intensive training, every day you'll deepen your confidence and skill with small group presentations. We'll show you how to teach NLP as an extention of who you are. In these days you'll perfect your own unique training style. Your presenters have backgrounds in the business, education, therapy and health fields. They are well respected in the NLP community for their innovation, skill and integrity, and are able to certify you to the standards of three international NLP organisations (The International Association of NLP Institutes at (IN), the International Association of NLP at, and the International NLP Association at A Transformations NLP Trainer Intensive Certificate will be issued at the successful completion of this training block. An IANLP Trainer Certificate will be issued at completion of ALL Trainer requirements and an optional IN Trainer Certificate is available at that time for an extra fee of NZ$30.

What people say about Richard Bolstad's courses in Japan

Richard Bolstad

Dr Richard Bolstad training in Japan