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Overcome Anxiety from Inside Out book by Julia Kurusheva and Nakul Riswadkar

 Overcome Anxiety Inside Out

Anxiety is not something we have, it is a process we DO inside our brain. This process has a structure that can be changed with precision. In ‘Overcome Anxiety from Inside Out’ you’ll learn how to make changes on the inside - with your thoughts, feelings, emotions and body. This book is for anyone interested in learning how to run their own brain. Packed with 36 powerful tools to take charge of your brain. “Once you understand HOW your brain creates the unwanted experience of anxiety, it becomes startlingly simple to change this into something else. This book is dedicated to overcoming anxiety in specific situations. It really does feel like having your own personal coach in your hand, ready to guide you!” Dr Susan Helman, General Practitioner “Julia and Nakul will show not just how to fix problems, but how to create the inner resilience and positive attitude that the world’s most successful people sometimes seem to find so easy. This book tells you everything a top coach would want to share with you to help manage your own emotions and get back the sense of enjoyment you deserve.” Dr Richard Bolstad, PhD Clinical Hypnotherapy

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The NLP Activist book by Dr Richard Bolstad

 NLP Activist book

The process of social transformation depends on skills that can be learned. You and your group can become more successful at creating the change you want. Your activism can enhance your sense of personal fulfilment instead of draining it. This book makes leading edge skills from the personal development and conflict resolution fields available for those seeking to assist successful political change at the grassroots level. In working with numerous political change organizations over the years, and training workers from groups such as Greenpeace New Zealand and the New Zealand Peace Foundation, I have an increasing sense of the importance of sharing the NLP skills for personal resilience and conflict management. This book is the outcome of 45 years of political activism and 40 years teaching communication skills.

You can download this book in PDF form free here.

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Transforming Communication: The Manual book by Dr Richard Bolstad

 Transforming Communication manual book

In 2013, Stanford Business School asked over 200 CEOs and Senior Executive Officers what they needed outside help for more than anything else. Their answer: managing conflicts. “When you are in the CEO role, most things that come to your desk only get there because there is a difficult decision to be made – which often has some level of conflict associated with it.” they explain.

If you're a manager (of a business, a classroom or a home), you don't always have the luxury of stable and peaceful relationships. You need to be able to create rapport and resolve disagreements fast, so you can get on with what you do best.

The Transforming Communication course teaches you how to do that, and this is its manual, as used by certified Transforming Communication Instructors across the world.

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The Training Secrets of NLP book by Dr Richard Bolstad

 Training Secrets of NLP book

For NLP Trainers and others who want to Train Using NLP Skills: At last, the book that gives out all the "secrets" of NLP training that are not taught in normal teacher trainings… from use of metaphors in training to creating clear descriptions of jargon terms; from marketing a training to organising assistants; from building rapport in a group to accelerated memory devices, from delivering powerful breakthrough experiences like a firewalk to playing learning games. This book is written firstly for NLP Trainers. A thorough introduction to NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) for teachers new to it is also included, so you can start taking advantage of these powerful skills right now, whatever your previous experience of the subject. Written by an internationally respected trainer who has taught NLP at Practitioner, Master Practitioner and Trainer level with the International Association of NLP. This book was written as a text for the NLP Trainer Training itself, and expanded to give these skills to the widest possible audience. Each chapter delivers you another dramatic clue to the kind of motivational training that international training superstars have learned from NLP.

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The Rapport Based Family book by Dr Richard Bolstad

 The Rapport Based Family book

The Rapport Based Family is the family that you were planning to create, where your children cooperate and respect your opinions, where they are happy and successful in their school life and at home. It’s the family where you and your partner create a loving relationship that endures throughout your life, and that you look forward to coming home to. Unfortunately, the realistic stresses of the twenty-first century sometimes make that family seem hard to imagine. Instead of general ideas, The Rapport Based Family gives you precise skills, based on research and tested in thousands of successful families around the world. With several real-life stories from parents like you as inspirations, this book sets you a ten day program to create that family. There is no success more satisfying than the one you are about to have.

Dr Richard Bolstad is a qualified teacher, nurse, psychotherapist, PET Instructor and NLP Trainer. He is also a father and a grandfather. Richard regularly teaches parents how to create a Rapport Based Family in New Zealand, Asia, Europe, and the Americas. The other parents whose stories fill this guide are amongst hundreds of trainers of this "Transforming Communication" method in cities across the globe. You can contact us at

"The skills described in this book came into our life like a breath of fresh air. As I learned them I had a mixture of excitement and hope of a solution to what seemed like an insurmountable situation. These skills are effective and in using the skills you can trust your children will become adults with a high value of cooperative communication" Pauline Young, coach and Transforming Communication trainer, Auckland, New Zealand

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Integration: NLP and Spirituality book by Dr Richard Bolstad and Julia Kurusheva

 Integration book

This is a book which applies a groundbreaking new way of thinking to an ancient truth. The new way of thinking is called Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP. It is the study of how successful people use their brains to achieve the results they do. It provides tools for working out how some people are so good at achieving the life results they want, and then tools for learning how to do that yourself. This way of thinking is also used in coaching, education, health care, and business. The ancient truth is that life is one indivisible unity. To actually experience this truth is bliss; it is to have a profound sense of the perfection of this moment and to treasure all that exists in it. It is to understand that love binds together all of life and all of time, and that we emerge out of this love.

Combining NLP and Spirituality gives you the practical understandings and tools to touch what all human beings are seeking. In this book are a series of guided processes which invite you beyond ordinary consciousness, and which allow you to step out of the limitations of the past and experience the one great truth.

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Creating A Cooperative World book by Dr Richard Bolstad

 Creating a Cooperative World book

This book is a product of a unique and important time in history, the time when the use of violence and war as the primary method of resolving conflict is coming to an end. As a symptom of this time in world history, more and more people are learning new ways of responding to conflict; ways that neither avoid conflict, nor escalate it into aggression; ways that genuinely resolve conflict and create cooperation. This book is based on the Transforming Communication training, which Dr Richard Bolstad developed. In his own country of New Zealand, this training has been used as a core module in teaching medical practitioners, nurses, priests and ministers of the churches, counsellors, coaches and teachers. It is used to train high school students as peer mediators, and to train University staff for their work in both the classroom and office. It has been used to train the top management of Government departments and staff in banks, large international trading organisations and oil companies. The same skills can be adapted to work in all these different situations, and in every culture. Richard has personally taught it to Government functionaries in Beijing, Managers in Tokyo, School Boards in the United States, Government members and police in the Pacific Islands of Samoa, Trainers in Poland and many other groups.

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Transforming Communication Text - 3rd Edition, Dr Richard Bolstad

Transforming Communication book Creates Cooperation

"The best book we have seen on this subject." -NLP World magazine

"This book is easy to read and return to. It is based on local experience and takes heed in a practical way of European, Maori and other cultures.... There are useful chapters and exercises on listening skills and resolving conflict. This text will be adopted by the Auckland Medical School next year... and it is also to be used by Polytechnics for nursing and health professional courses." - New Zealand Medical Journal

"The Transforming Communication book and course fits well into the Degree program I teach in. It presents leading edge skills in a well structured format." - Mavis Jean Beynon, Christchurch, New Zealand

"A treasure trove of training activities in rapport skills, conflict resolution and team building." - Dr Judith Pearson, Anchor Point magazine

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RESOLVE: A New Model Of Therapy book, Dr Richard Bolstad.

RESOLVE: A New Model Of Therapy

Dr Richard Bolstad's most sought after book on NLP coaching. It can be read by beginning students of NLP as well as advanced Practitioners. The book introduces:

1. A brain based model of NLP
2. Explanation of the ten core NLP change processes
3. Cross-referencing of NLP and other models of psychotherapy
4. Detailed step-by-step explanation of how to use NLP most effectively
5. A roadmap for working with clients

"This is a book that will leave you with a deeper knowledge of NLP and therapy whether you are already familiar with the field or not. As well as being well written and well structured the book... is also well documented with research (and not only NLP research) which grounds the ideas and the methods." - Joseph O'Connor from the introduction.

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The Structure Of Personality book, Dr L. Michael Hall, Dr Bob Bodenhammer, Dr Richard Bolstad & Margot Hamblett

The Structure of Personality book

Dr L. Michael Hall and Dr Bob Bodenhammer are two of the most published (and most innovative) NLP theorists in the NLP community. Their books include The Spirit of NLP, The Users Manual For The Brain, Meta-States, Secrets of Magic and many more. Dr Richard Bolstad and Margot Hamblett teamed up with them to produce a book which for the first time asks how NLP skills and attitudes make a difference with the personality conditions which psychiatrists usually deal with: depression, anxiety disorders, psychoses, "borderline" disorders etc. The book looks at these situations both from Hall and Bodenhammer's perspective and from Hamblett and Bolstad's perspective.

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Innovations in NLP - with a chapter contribution by Dr Richard Bolstad

Innovations in NLP Book

This long awaited book brings together some of the most recent innovations and applications of the traditional NLP model. Each chapter describes a new model or application and contains step by step instructions or a case study on how and when to apply it. For NLP Practitioners it provides an outstanding collection of new tools and ideas to take their practice forward. NLP has come of age with this great new selection cooperatively collated by Michael Hall and Shelle Rose Charvet.

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The Clinical Effectiveness of NLP - with chapter contributions by Dr Richard Bolstad

Clinical Effectiveness of NLP Book

A must-have book for anyone wanting to understand the range of NLP in personal change, Coaching and Psychotherapy. Despite widespread use, Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) is a topic of much debate, often receiving criticism from academic and professional sectors. In this book international academics, researchers and therapists are brought together to examine the current evidence of the clinical efficacy of NLP techniques, considering how NLP can be effective in facilitating change, enrichment and symptom relief. Lisa Wake and her colleagues provide a critical appraisal of evidence-based research in the area to indicate the benefits of the approach and identify the need for an increase in randomized well-controlled clinical trials. Illustrated throughout with clinical examples and case studies, this book is key reading for practitioners and researchers interested in NLP, as well as postgraduate students.
Contributors also explore how NLP has been used to treat various disorders including post-traumatic stress disorder, phobias, addictions, anxiety disorders and mild depression.

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New: 本: リチャード・ボルスタッド博士

1. NLPの前提。NLPとは何か?その核心となる考え方は? そしてそれがどのように、あなたの人生をすっかり変えてしまう助けとなるか?
2. 感覚器官をみがく。どのようにしてボディランゲージから、相手が同意しているかどうかを判断するのか?
3. ゴール設定。世界で最も成功している人たちは、 どのようにして、実現に結びつくゴール設定をしているのか?
4. インナー・スマイル。リフレーミングやアンカリングなどの NLPテクニックはどういう仕組みなのか?日本や中国の伝統的健康法や瞑想をどのようにNLPの実践と組み合わせるか?
5. ラポールと感覚器官の使用。どうやって、誰とでもすぐに、 信頼の感覚と「ラポール」を作るか?どうやって、相手がどの感覚システムで考えているかを解明し、望む状態に持っていくのに最も効果的な感覚器官の使用を援助するか?
6. アンカリング。どうやって、自分の望む精神状態 (リラックス、自信を持った、など)にすばやくしかも簡単になるか?

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