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The Transformations team are all internationally certified NLP Master Practitioners. Because NLP enables you to use the natural language of your mind to free yourself from old habits and discover new ways of being your best, many people consult us for help with:

An NLP Coach quickly transforms challenges into success

You can also use our success coaching services, as many top sports and business people do, to:

Our fees are similar to those of other coaches and therapists, however what you get from your time may amaze and delight you. For a start, most difficulties can be resolved in 1-4 sessions. The improvements are easy, safe, long lasting and precise, and will quickly convince you of the value of NLP.

"A big thanks for the NLP work we did before the Coast to Coast race. It totally turned my thinking around 180 degrees to a resolved and determined attitude. Race day was incredibly enjoyable and was just a breeze." - Steve Gurney, top New Zealand triathlete, Christchurch

Julia Kurusheva

In Auckland, New Zealand, or where Richard Bolstad and Julia Kurusheva of INTEGRACE are training together, Julia is available for coaching sessions. She also works internationally via Skype. Here's what people say about Julia's work.

Julia also offers - bilingual sessions in Japan each year during July and August

With Nakul Riswadkar, Julia provides the popular Better Choices for Life Podcast (Book coming soon!)

Julia and Nakul Better Choices Podcast