Transformations International Consulting and Training: Who Is Your Trainer?


Richard Bolstad

Richard is the principal trainer for Transformations. Richard is a trained nurse (RCpN), teacher (Dip Tchg), psychotherapist (NZAP), herbalist (Dip.Herb) and hypnotherapist (D. Clin.Hyp.*). He has trained more than half the NLP Practitioners in his native New Zealand, and teaches NLP each year on 4 continents. He is the co-author of the books Communicating Caring, The Structure of Personality and Pro-fusion, and the author of RESOLVE: A New Model of Therapy, Transforming Communication, The Rapport Based Family, Creating A Cooperative World and The Secrets Of NLP Training. His books are published in many languages, in Asia, Europe and the Middle East. He has also published numerous audio CDs, DVDs and many articles in the international NLP journals, including Anchor Point and NLP World. Richard's central interest is in linking NLP to wider issues of spiritual development and conflict resolution. He is a Certified trainer for 5 international organisations teaching Hypnosis, NLP, Transforming Communication and Taoist Healing Techniques. He is the developer of the RESOLVE and Personal Strength models for NLP use.


Steve Andreas and Richard Bolstad

"Someone I've enjoyed learning from over a number of years is Richard Bolstad, one of the most thorough and competent therapists & trainers in NLP. He is one of the very few who is constantly developing new distinctions in understanding and practice, as well as congruently living what he teaches. His extensive background as a trained nurse, student of Asian martial arts, and his cross-cultural experience with Anglo/Maori relations in New Zealand, and Anglo/Japanese relations from his teaching in Japan, provide a rich and wise background for his work. Besides being personable, engaging, and high energy, he is very skilled, with a rare breadth and depth of knowledge that is detailed and ecological. He is very open to and welcoming of feedback, which I think is one reason why he is so capable. The book RESOLVE: A New Model of Therapy is an excellent introduction to his work." - Steve Andreas, NLP trainer, author, and developer.


Joseph O'Connor and Richard Bolstad

"RESOLVE is a book that will leave you with a broader and deeper knowledge of NLP and therapy whether you are already familiar with the field or not. Although it is not written as an introduction to NLP, it is a good one in its own right." From the Introduction to Richard's book RESOLVE by NLP Trainer Joseph O'Connor


Michael Hall and Richard Bolstad

"If you ever asked "Where's the research for NLP", you have to read Richard Bolstad's book RESOLVE." - NLP Trainer Michael Hall

Read an interview with Richard about what he is doing in NLP here.

Julia Kurusheva


An NLP Trainer with Transformations, Julia also created her own independent Coaching and Training business, Integrace and works with clients from her Auckland, New Zealand office as well as seeing clients individually in Japan, Europe and via Skype from around the world. She is an ICI Master Coach and an NZANLP Approved Supervisor. With a degree in Medical Electronics (Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University) , Julia has sound scientific sense to combine with the visionary and leading edge methods she uses.

Julia developed the SPRINT model for working with clients in a Single Session, and she teaches this model in her one day training in Japan and New Zealand. In his 48 page study "Structure de Changement en PNL", New Caledonian NLP Trainer Damien Raczy reports on his research into this model. Damien studied several NLP variables in his work as a coach and investigated the extent to which each variable was correlated with his clients' success. Alignment with Julia Kurusheva's SPRINT model had a 90% correlation with client success and Damien says "The usage of SPRINT is certainly the factor that that most strongly is correlated to successful performance from the standpoint of the customer and from the standpoint of the practitioner." (Damien Raczy, Structure de Changement en PNL, 2011, p 22)

"I had two NLP sessions with Julia. She teaches a workshop "Creating Change in a Single Session", and that is what her work is about. We had quite some fun in the sessions, and I experienced very fast and practical results. She is also an excellent NLP trainer. She delivers great results with good value and high integrity. I highly recommend working with her." Stephane Witzmann, Director, SW Coaching, Paris, France, 2011
With Nakul Riswadkar, Julia provides the popular Better Choices for Life Podcast


*nb There have been concerns about the false claiming of Doctorate degrees by NLP trainers. Richard's Doctoral study was with the American Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy which delivered Doctorates recognised and approved by the State of California Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education. Details about the program are given here.