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"RESOLVE" Kindle Reader E-Book

RESOLVE: A New Model Of Therapy

"RESOLVE: A New Model of Therapy" by Dr Richard Bolstad, a research-based comprehensive overview of NLP use in coaching and therapy, is available from as a downloadable Kindle E-Book for just US30 (This is the "List price" and it is often discounted to $24). Kindle books can be read on the Kindle reader program for I-Phones, Blackberry phones, Android-based phones and Computers.

"Relaxation and Confidence" Guided Audio Process In MP3

Julia Kurusheva and Richard Bolstad

A double induction audio file by NLP Trainers Richard Bolstad and Julia Kurusheva. Relax and refresh yourself, while your unconscious mind finds ways to build outstanding personal confidence. Listen to this 20 minute process on your computer, MP3 player, iPod, phone or convert it to CD

"As a psychiatric nurse I know how central the ability to relax is to your well being. The feedback from this process is brilliant; delightful and profound. Most clients and health professionals say its the best relaxation process they've come across." - John Pearson RCpN Wellington New Zealand.

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"RESOLVE Pain and Perfectionism" AVI Video

Here is a sample from this video

Richard demonstrates the use of the RESOLVE model for NLP personal change work in a one hour session with a client suffering from severe pain, and wanting to be more relaxed in pursuit of her goals. Clear examples of core NLP and Ericksonian hypnosis processes in a real life session.

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"The Keys To Success" MP3 set, Transcript and Manual

Richard teaches Keys to Success

Keys to Success is the ideal introduction to NLP, and will deepen your understanding if you are already familiar with it. 8 hours of edited training packed with up to date 2010 research on the brain, on rapport and on goal achievement. Listening to the Keys to Success, you'll learn how to...

  • Detect the subtle nonverbal changes that let you know when someone is agreeing or disagreeing, so you can adjust what you say and do to reach agreement.
  • Use specific body language to create the feeling of rapport and trust in the first ten minutes. Create more co-operation with family, friends, colleagues and clients than ever before.
  • Connect with people on a deeper level using the techniques that research finds people who create lifelong relationships use.
  • Set, and help others to set, more effective, measurable and achievable goals, so you get what you intend out of life.
  • Learn why "The Secret" isn't working for you and set goals the way the most successful people in history really do it to generate wealth, success and satisfaction!
  • Be able to enter a state of high motivation and confidence, or a state of deep relaxation, at will in any situation, using the NLP technique of Resource Anchoring.
  • Identify and use the five Keys to Success which the developers of NLP found were relevant in any professional or personal situation.

This MP3 set and 25 page PDF manual come from a 2-day training by Dr Richard Bolstad
This can now be downloaded free from The Free MP3 NLP Study page

"Create Change In A Single Session" MP3 set and Manual

Julia Kurusheva teaches her Single Session Workshop

This MP3 set and 56 page PDF manual come from a 1-day workshop designed by NLP Trainer Julia Kurusheva for NLP Practitioners at the start of their career as well as more experienced Practitioners. The 3 hours of edited training introduces you to the simplified model of RESOLVE used in a single NLP session, and invites you to have practical experience with the way you can facilitate significant changes in someone's life just in one or two hours. Learn how to:

  • run an NLP session with a client using a 'sprint' version of RESOLVE
  • speak client's language so that they feel heard and so you are doing less work
  • solution focussed questions at each step to navigate towards your client's outcome
  • ways to overcome the most common objections at each step
  • what NLP process to choose using Personal Strength Model
  • observations when working with an interpreter and overseas
  • other observations of what makes it possible to facilitate significant changes fast

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"Chi Kung Audio Set" by Dr Richard Bolstad and Julia Kurusheva

Microcosmic Orbit

Four Guided Chi Kung Processes each with a background explanation

  1. The Inner Smile This is a beginning meditation for balancing the emotions, and transforming negative feelings into the positive energy they were designed to generate.
  2. Lift Chi Up Lift Chi Up is the main moving exercise of Zhineng Qigong (Chi Lel) taught in our Integration workshop. The background explanation also contains the simpler "La Chi" process which can be used by beginners.
  3. The Microcosmic Orbit This is an advanced meditation taught on the Integration course. It ensures the healthy flow of energy throughout the body, and enhances spiritual awareness.
  4. The Creation Process Explains the basis of Traditional Chinese Medicine in the Five Elements system, and guides you through a beautiful meditation process to integrate and transform these five elements inside your body.

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