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"Having worked in the training and communications field for more than 20 years I have experienced a great number of trainers and speakers, but very few great speakers and trainers. Richard Bolstad is one of those great presenters. His absolute credibility is the result of a depth and breadth of knowledge gained internationally and nationally. Richard has an outstanding reputation in his specialist field of communication and NLP. Richard's workshops are practical, immediately applicable and fun to experience for the participants in the workshops. The skills taught will bring benefit to both work and personal lives. If there is one speaker you and your people get to this year make sure it's Richard."
- Phillippa Elliott, Past President of the New Zealand Association for Training and Development, New Zealand Retailers Association

We help individuals, teams and organisations to maximise their effectiveness and achieve new levels of sustained optimum performance. To this end we provide a range of world-class HRD services, including diagnostic consultancy, coaching, facilitation, mediation and training. Members of the Transformations team have many years experience in assisting public and private sector organisations to quickly improve their culture, operations and results. We utilise a range of mainstream and leading-edge OD technologies including Neuro Linguistic Programming.

NLP is becoming well recognised internationally as a powerful technology for human resource development. For over two decades NLP training has been used by leading companies in many fields, including multinationals Kodak, Hewlett Packard, Digital, MacDonalds, Land Rover, Price Waterhouse, Johnson & Johnson, Coca Cola, American Express, NCR, ITT, and AT&T. NLP provides many practical tools for building the crucial areas of personal mastery, mental models, shared vision, team learning and systemic thinking. It is particularly sought by managers seeking to create the continuous improvement of a TQM-based 'learning organisation'.

For all in-house services we consult closely with you to tailor solutions for your particular needs, using thorough front-end analysis, project measurement and ongoing evaluation processes. We operate flexibly across all levels of management and staff to systemically transform individual and cultural attitudes, behaviours and outcomes. When training is the best solution, we use advanced accelerated learning methods that make it easy for participants to understand and apply the skills back at work. Where appropriate, we can also train your own trainers to provide the programme independently.

Our expertise spans most subjects in personal and interpersonal effectiveness, from developing emotional intelligence to self-directing teams to visionary leadership. We have a wide range of popular programmes.

Many of these skills can also be learnt one-on-one with our coaching services. For example, we can empower your people to: be decisive and consistently motivated; have high self-esteem and confidence; manage time and stress productively; communicate clearly and effectively; enjoy closeness and independence in relationships; handle criticism and teamwork well; and maintain the attitudes and actions necessary for ongoing balance, success and fulfillment.

Whichever way you choose to use our services, you can expect immediate results for increased enjoyment and productivity by all participants, and lasting benefits for your organisation as a whole. If you want to know more then give us a call - if we can't help, we will know who can!

"I had a meeting 830am the day after Richard's training, to put together a project. There were three of us. The others immediately started to discuss different ways of implementing the project and I then remembered the advice from Thursday. I got us all to identify what we agreed on. Most importantly this was the objectives of the project. With those agreed and on the whiteboard the rest of the discussion was putting up alternatives, asking if we could achieve the objectives and eliminating options that didn't. An anticipated 60-90 minute meeting was over in 45 with a complete outline of the project. Thank you Richard." - John Hine, Head of Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science, Victoria University, Wellington

"Richard's workshops are very popular and therefore quick to fill. His workshops are consistently evaluated extremely positively." - Annemarie de Castro, Director, Human Resources, Victoria University

"Techniques and tools that enhance and empower interpersonal skills in personal and business life. Valuable and practical." - Pat Ryan, IRD New Zealand(Te Tari Taake) Manager

"Extremely useful. Huge awareness awakened. Enormous value to be gained both personally and in the work situation." - Packiam Skinnon, IRD New Zealand(Te Tari Taake) Manager

"Enjoyable, riveting, insightful, really useful tools. Lots of practical relevance. Most valued the hands on practicing of techniques." - Paul MacDonald, IRD New Zealand(Te Tari Taake) Manager

"Working in HR means I have to work with many different people and situations, and Richard's training has given me the tools to use to both coach managers to handle situations effectively and also to use the tools myself." - Brigid Quinn, HR Team, OceanaGold, Otago, New Zealand

"Practical, immediately useful skills and learnings to take back; the examples used bring relevance. I have had some extraordinary insights to help me deal with some interesting and challenging people and situations that I am now eager to go and meet, so that the working relationships can be even more effective. Thank you!" - Lisa Mills, HR Manager, OceanaGold, Otago, New Zealand

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"Richard will tailor his training to make sense to your people."