Finding a Transforming Communication Training


Transforming Communication is a world-wide network of trainings offering advanced skills for creating cooperative relationships. This Google Group is an invitation to advertise Transforming Communication Trainings and to ask for the trainings. If you want to attend a Transforming Communication training and there doesn't seem to be one in your area, ask here and a Certified TC instructor may be able to arrange one. If you are a TC instructor, advertise your group here, telling people the times, dates, and place. You can also link to your own site here.

To post a request or advertise a training, you first become a member of the group. Richard is the group administrator, meaning he will check that the group is used for discussing TC rather than selling vacuum cleaners. Before you post, also check our own Transforming Communication page which has more information about the course and where it is offered. If the frame below hasn't loaded on your computer yet, consider downloading another free Internet Browser such as Google Chrome or Firefox. Enjoy!

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