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Richard Bolstad

Richard Bolstad

Nothing beats actually attending an NLP training, but such useful technology needs to be made available free for those who can't get to the training yet. This page and all connected content has been created and was copyrighted by Richard Bolstad 2012, and is hereby gifted to the public domain in connection with the Radical Change Group project which has an extraordinary amount of free NLP material on line. This page contains MP3s and study guides for five and a half days of NLP training run by Richard Bolstad, including the Keys to Success weekend (the first weekend of an NLP Practitioner training), an afternoon training from the Integration course on NLP and Spirituality, the first morning of a Communication with NLP training, and the Trauma Recovery Training. Integration and Trauma Recovery require a thorough working knowledge of the Keys to Success training.

1) Keys to Success Free Home Study 2 Day Training


The Files

2) NLP and Spirituality Afternoon Sample Training


Step into the Integration training and study Richard Bolstad's "Unanswerable Question" process.

The Files

3) Trauma Recovery Free Home Study 2 Day Training

Tsunami in Japan

Tsunami in Japan 2011

The Files

4) Free Sample Of A Transforming Communication Introductory Training


Listen to Richard Bolstad introducing this NLP based Training on Cooperative Relationships. This is a free MP3 which will play on your computer, iPhone or MP3 player.

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