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Dr Richard Bolstad discussing creating better relationships on Egyptian state TV, April 2015. Part 1

Dr Richard Bolstad discussing creating better relationships on Egyptian state TV, April 2015. Part 2

Transforming Communication book Creates Cooperation

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The Transforming Communication Seminar - Transform Every Relationship In 4 Days

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Who is the course for?

In four days or nine evening sessions, you'll learn and practise precision skills for building and keeping relationships that work. You'll take these skills successfully into your professional environment as well as your home and friendships. Transforming Communication is founded on the vision of world wide training in the use of leading edge skills to create co-operation and resolve conflict.

Cooperative Relationships

The seminar was developed by Richard Bolstad based on his book of the same name. The conflict resolution model it teaches draws on NLP, Solution focused approaches, Effectiveness Training and John Gottman's relationship research. Richard has trained professionals working in the field of relationships on several continents, including in Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina soon after the war there. Certified instructors accredited personally by Richard deliver the Transforming Communication seminar in customised formats for work teams, teaching faculties, parent groups and others.

"The Transforming Communication book and course fits well in the degree program I teach in. Trainees find it enhances professional skills but also enriches their personal life." - Mavis Jean Beynon, Lecturer, NZ

"These skills are just too valuable to put a price on." - Anthony Wightman, Medical Sales Representative, NZ

"The material is structured and presented so that it allows participants to learn new skills at a deep level in a way that's relevant and respectful." - Patricia Russell, Staff Development Officer, NZ

On the Seminar You will Learn How To

Transforming Communication Dates

Transformations trains instructors, throughout New Zealand and around the world, who run the Transforming Communication seminars both in house and for public groups. Contact us to find out dates, venues and prices. You can also ask for a certified TC Trainer to run the course in your area by posting a request in the Transforming Communication chat group here right now.

International trainings in 2018

Creating A World Worth Living In

Kyoto, Japan
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A full list of TC Trainers in Japan is here.

Warsaw, Poland
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Helsinki, Finland
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London, England.
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Auckland, New Zealand.
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Brisbane Australia.
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Jakarta, Indonesia.

Penang, Malaysia.
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Training As An Instructor of Transforming Communication

Certified NLP Practitioners who complete the Transforming Communication Basic Seminar are eligible to train as instructors of the course. The Instructor Training is Block One of our NLP Trainer Certification. A 9 day Instructor Training is scheduled in New Zealand in April each year. If you are an NLP Practitioner and live outside New Zealand, you may also be interested in hosting a basic seminar and Instructor training in your area. Contact us to discuss this possibility.