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The ultimate steps on your NLP journey are the most exciting of all! Transformations NLP Trainer Certification is run in two sections. The first section is called the NLP Instructor Training, and is open to any NLP Practitioner who has done the Transforming Communication Basic Seminar. This first section certifies you as an Instructor of the Transforming Communication Basic seminar and the Keys to Success weekend. From the start of your career as a trainer, you'll provide your seminar participants with international NLP certification and life transforming skills. The second section of the Trainer Training is called the NLP Trainer Intensive, and is open only to NLP Master Practitioners, who have done the first section and who began their NLP training at least 2 years before the start of the Trainer Intensive. There are several outside-course requirements for trainees to achieve Certification as an NLP Trainer, apart from the NLP Trainer Intensive. Write to us as soon as possible, at to find out how you can complete these.

Richard Bolstad Inspires New Trainers

NLP Instructor Training

This is an 9 day training in the skills to run short NLP based seminars. It focuses on the requirements to certify you as an Instructor of the Transforming Communication seminar and the Keys to Success weekend. Please note that completion of NLP Practitioner certification PLUS completion of a Transforming Communication Basic Course are prerequisite for entry to this course.

You will learn how to:

Can I be a Trainer?

At the end of her Instructor Training, Dr Brenda Kaye wrote; "In one week I've gone from being unable to imagine myself instructing comfortably, to being completely relaxed and at ease in front of a small group." And only three months later, Brenda was getting written feedback from her first course participants saying that her course... "completely changed my life!", "gave a whole new insight into how we treat others", "is an essential aid to relationships", and "is a definite must". New Zealand Course Investment NZ$2500 reduced to $2200 if paid 3 weeks before

Instructor Training Dates

The NLP Trainer Intensive

This is the final section of an International Association of NLP NLP Trainer Certification. Richard Bolstad is a Certified Master Trainer with The International Association of NLP Institutes and both Richard and Julia Kurusheva are certifying Fellow Trainers with the International Association of NLP.

Richard Bolstad and Julia Kurusheva

Certifying IANLP Trainers Richard Bolstad and Julia Kurusheva

The prerequisites for certification are extensive, and are available in this PDF information

Trainer Intensive Training Dates

New Zealand Investment NZ$3000, reduced to NZ$2500 if paid by 3 weeks before

The IANLP Provides International Credibility

How do I achieve Certification?

Actual certification as an NLP Trainer with IANLP requires far more than simply attending this training. The requirements for Certification are:

  1. Attend the prerequisite trainings.
  2. Complete the 13 pages of closed book written pre-test on NLP
  3. Attend the Intensive.
  4. Complete the closed book test of NLP Trainer Skills.
  5. Demonstrate randomly selected examples from 9 core NLP proficiencies without notes.
  6. Use the NLP Trainer skills in an integrated way in two 20 minute presentations.
  7. Design a weekend training, a Practitioner Training and a Master Practitioner training to IANLP standards.
  8. Run a 2-4 day NLP training (such as Transforming Communication) under supervision of one of the NLP Trainers.
  9. Assist at a full 18 day Practitioner and 18 day Master Practitioner course.

Time to complete requirements 3-7 will be available at the Intensive. Requirements 8 and 9 may be completed either before or after the Intensive. On completion of the requirements, you'll receive an NLP Trainers certificate with no expiry date and no contracts to sign. Details of these requirements are available in this PDF information.

What If I don't want Certification?

You can certainly attend the intensive just for the training. The skills will be applicable in any context where you want to deliver a speech, teach, lead a group, manage a meeting or train others. And this is a rare opportunity to train with several world class NLP Trainers. On the other hand, the fee for Certification is included in the Intensive fee, so by completing the Certification requirements you ensure you get the full benefit. It's up to you.

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Why Do My Trainer Training With Transformations?

The Trainer Training is the final step on your journey to NLP Certification. Our name tells you what we're about. During and after the training, you can also purchase and use our extensive collection of audio and video, books and handouts to model and teach with in your trainings. On this Intensive training, every day you'll deepen your confidence and skill with small group presentations. We'll show you how to teach NLP as an extention of who you are. In these days you'll experience at least three different trainers as you perfect your own unique training style. Your presenters have backgrounds in the business, education, therapy and health fields. They are well respected in the NLP community for their innovation, skill and integrity, and are able to certify you to the standards of three international NLP organisations (The International Association of NLP Institutes at (IN), the International Association of NLP at, and the International NLP Association at A Transformations NLP Trainer Intensive Certificate will be issued at the successful completion of this training block. An IANLP Trainer Certificate will be issued at completion of ALL Trainer requirements and an optional IN Trainer Certificate is available at that time for an extra fee of NZ$30.

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