Full International NLP Practitioner Certification (18 Days)

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Professional Level Training In NLP

The IANLP Provides International Credibility

Are you wanting the highest standard NLP certification training in the world? Train with international NLP developers Dr Richard Bolstad and Julia Kurusheva and exceed the training requirements of most NLP training immediately. This training surpasses the standards of The International Association of NLP Institutes and The International Association of NLP. The Transformations Consulting & Training NLP Practitioner Course is structured in 2 sections. You can select the training you need: a comprehensive 9 day training in the uses of NLP in any setting (Strategies of Success) or the full 18 day NLP Practitioner certification (Strategies of Success plus Strategies of Transformation). If you complete the 9 day Strategies of Success section, you can choose to return and complete the rest of the Practitioner course (Strategies of Transformation) at any later date it is offered.

"From the perspective of someone who is a teacher of neuroscience the contents of Richard’s trainings fitted very well. This course alone is worth more than a million yen!" - Nishi Takeyuki (西 剛志) Medical Science Teacher

The IN Provides International Credibility

Who is it for?

The Practitioner Certification course incorporates Strategies Of Success and Strategies of Transformation. By enroling in it you're choosing to integrate into your life not only the fundamental NLP techniques, but also their powerful applications for accelerating personal change.

You'll learn NLP and Ericksonian hypnotherapy processes to achieve the changes you're seeking. While you increase your success helping clients make changes, you can't choose this course without positively transforming your own life too. You'll receive a 400 page manual. Your NLP Practitioner certificate will carry the seal of the International Association of NLP, confirming that your training is of the highest international standard. You'll be certified as a Practitioner of Dr Tad James Time Line Therapy (TM) and get the Fundamentals of Coaching certification with ICI (International Coaching Institutes, Berlin)

What will I learn?

Strategies of Success (Week 1): Core NLP models & techniques for any context:

Strategies of Transformation (Week 2): Advanced techniques for personal change and coaching:

NLP Students Transform their Lives

NLP Practitioner Dates

New Zealand Investment $NZ4000, reduced to $3800 if both blocks are paid together. The fee is reduced a further $200 to $3600 if paid 3 weeks before starting. Deposit of $360 fully refundable until the early payment date.

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NLP Practitioner Certification training with Transformations International Consulting & Training has been recognised by a number of New Zealand universities, and Practitioners have been awarded up to 20 credits towards relevant degrees. It is also recognised by the International Association of NLP Institutes at www.nlp-institutes.net by the International Association of NLP at www.ia-nlp.org, and by the New Zealand Association of NLP at www.nzanlp.org.nz.

The NZANLP Provides National Credibility


You can also apply to assist at the Practitioner training if you have already attended the full training. Being an Assistant gives you the chance to review the course content free of charge, and extend the personal changes. We deeply appreciate the contribution of our assistants, and the high quality of learning support they provide. There is usually no fee for assisting.

Our Usual Venue In Auckland

Kawai Purapura, North Shore, 14 Mills Lane, Albany 0632

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