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If you have NLP Practitioner certification with Transformations or another recognised NLP training organisation offering 18 day trainings, contact us to make a booking now!. If you did a shorter NLP Practitioner course, we will ask you to complete our NLP Practitioner course at half price first to upgrade your training to meet IANLP standards.

When Is The NLP Master Practitioner Course Available?

Note this is a 19 day course.

What people say about the NLP Master Practitioner Course:

"The Practitioner Course was the cake you could make and eat. The Master Practitioner course is the Cake Factory!" - Jason Hopkinson, Teacher, Christchurch, New Zealand.

"The Practitioner course got me excited and this one has touched me to the core and initiated profound changes." - Medical Doctor Janine Bailey, Nelson, New Zealand

"This was no ordinary course. It exceeded all my expectations and enriched my skill base and understanding well beyond international requirements." - Te Ruru, counsellor, Christchurch, New Zealand.

"Having attended advanced NLP training in Japan Europe and North America by many of the leaders in the field, I find Richard Bolstad's training skills to be amongst the best in the world. A chance to attend his trainings is to be seized by all means." - Professor Tim Murphy, Nanzan University, Nagoya, Japan.

NLP Master Practitioners Individualise Change-Work

What will I learn on the NLP Master Practitioner Course?

You will learn how to...


Payment can be made with Visa or Mastercard, or by a cheque in New Zealand Dollars.

The New Zealand cost is NZ$4200, reduced to $3800 if paid 3 weeks before. Deposit of $420 fully refundable until the early payment date.

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NLP Master Practitioner Certification training with Transformations International Consulting & Training is recognised by the International Association of NLP at, and by the New Zealand Association of NLP at


You can also apply to assist at the Master Practitioner training if you have already attended the full training. Being an Assistant gives you the chance to review the course content free of charge, and extend the personal changes. We deeply appreciate the contribution of our assistants, and the high quality of learning support they provide. There is usually no fee for assisting.

Convert Your NLP Master Practitioner Certificate Into A Coaching Certification!

Transformations is a recognised training institute with the International Association of Coaching Institutes. Coaching training is a full career training requiring successful completion of NLP Master Practitioner Certification plus the extra-curricula coaching experience specified the Transformations ICI Coaching Requirements

Three short courses are available to ALL NLP Practitioners at the time of the New Zealand NLP Master Practitioner training:

Treaty of Waitangi Education Day: Thursday 21 January 2021. Free, Optional for people on Master Practitioner (or who have previously done Master Practitioner)

Transforming Communication For NLP Consultants: Friday 22 January to Sunday 24 January 2021. $600 GST Inclusive, paid to Transformations (Free As Part of Master Practitioner Training, open as a paid 3 day course to all NLP Practitioners)

Create Significant Change In A Single Session With NLP with Julia Kurusheva: Monday 25 January 2021. $300

Treaty Of Waitangi Education - Richard Bolstad: Thursday 21 Jan 2021. Free

Treaty Education

(Painting by Marcus King, 1891-1983 :The signing of the Treaty of Waitangi, Feb 6th, 1840)

Richard trained as a facilitator of Treaty Education with Waitangi Workshops and Project Waitangi. This type of training is often required in New Zealand by large corporations, government organizations and helping professional bodies such as the Association of Counselors. It is useful for people new to New Zealand and puzzled by the ongoing discussions about Maori status in New Zealand, for New Zealanders who want to make sense of what is happening in their own country, and for people who come from other places in the world which face similar post-colonial issues (almost everywhere). Many Master Practitioners describe the day as one of the most inspiring and important experiences in their entire NLP training.

On this training we will use the safe context of our NLP frames and Transforming Communication values to explore:

Create Significant Change In A Single Session With NLP - Julia Kurusheva: Monday 25 January 2021. $300

Julia teaching

This 1-day workshop is designed for NLP Practitioners at the start of their career as well as more experienced ones. It introduces you to the simplified model of RESOLVE used in a single NLP session, and invites you to have practical experience with the way you can facilitate significant changes in someone's life just in one hour.

Learn to:

In his 48 page study "Structure de Changement en PNL", New Caledonian NLP Trainer Damien Raczy reports on his research into this model. Damien studied several NLP variables in his work as a coach and investigated the extent to which each variable was correlated with his clients' success. Alignment with Julia Kurusheva's SPRINT model had a 90% correlation with client success and Damien says "The usage of SPRINT is certainly the factor that that most strongly is correlated to successful performance from the standpoint of the customer and from the standpoint of the practitioner." (Damien Raczy, Structure de Changement en PNL, 2011, p 22)

"Many practitioners wonder if they can actually sit down with a new client and guide that person to profound changes in one session. On our trainings overseas, it's been a delight to refer participants to Julia and hear afterwards that their life has changed in so many ways after one session. NLP was meant to be "brief therapy" and Julia has been discovering exactly how to do it that way." Dr Richard Bolstad

"Julia has developed a unique and practical understanding of the details of taking clients through rapid change. Her methods are refreshing, well researched and useful." Chris Lampard, Business Coach and Trainer

"This course presented a simple and strong strategy of intervention." Aaron McLoughlin, Motivational Coach

"A precise pressure-cooker journey to affecting positive change in a single session." Sandi Morrison, Supervisor, Mentor, Coach

Transforming Communication For NLP Consultants - Richard Bolstad: Friday 22 January to Sunday 24 January 2021. $600

Cooperative Relationships

For NLP Practitioners who are not doing the Master Practitioner course, this 3 days completes the requirements to do the NLP/TC Instructor Training in April 2014 or 2015. It focuses the Transforming Communication skills on the specific issues that confront NLP consultants and coaches, such as dealing with challenging clients, working out whether you are psychologically 'hired' to get your client to change or not, assisting clients to resolve couples conflicts, and working with colleagues in cooperative ventures. This course is the course that I am most often running in a business context. Transforming Communication instructors, trained in New Zealand, Japan, Poland, Finland and the United States, are able to take this franchised course out and run it in businesses, community organisations, schools etc. On this training you will learn the latest research backing up this approach to cooperative relationships.

"The Transforming Communication book and course fits well in the degree program I teach in. Trainees find it enhances their professional skills but also enriches their personal life." -Mavis Jean Beynon, Lecturer, Christchurch, New Zealand

"These skills are just too valuable to put a price on." -Anthony Wightman, Medical Sales Representative, Wellington, New Zealand

"The material is structured and presented so that it allows participants to learn new skills at a deep level in a way that's relevant and respectful." -Patricia Russell, Staff Development officer, Napier, New Zealand

Transforming Communication is a series of seminars designed to deliver powerful skills from Neuro Linguistic Programming and related fields to teams and individuals. The 26 hour seminar enables participants to build co-operative team and client relationships, transforming participants' fundamental approach so they:

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