Waves from one ocean

Free Resources for Surviving and Thriving

"We are waves of the same sea, leaves of the same tree, flowers of the same garden."

This quote was placed on the boxes of medical supplies gifted by Chinese electronics company Xiaomi to Italy in March 2020. You are part of a species that has survived by mutual aid since the beginning of time. We are here still, all around the world, one family. Whatever the news of the day, we are here. And if we put our resources together, we can not only survive, but create a better world by reminding ourselves of what is most precious to us. All across the world, people are gifting what they have to help each other. Here we collect some examples. In February 2020, Japan donated supplies to China and wrote a traditional Ritsu Buddhist saying on them "We have different mountains and rivers but we share the same sun, moon and sky." 山川异域风月同天. Each link below connects to resources that are FREE and useful right now. No sales, no tricks. Remember, we love you.

Waves from one ocean

NLP Resources from Richard Bolstad, Transformations and Friends

Coping skills

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Spiritual Support

Quick Summary of Resilience Advice

1. Make Realistic Assessments. Accept what we can and can't do. Trying to believe the impossible inevitably creates panic and paranoia, as events contradict fantasies. On the other hand magnifying the possibility of death and suffering beyond the actual reality you are in is just disabling (The truth is: most people even when infected will survive this. And civilisation will change but humanity will abide).
2. This is part of a vast story (Get things in a bigger perspective). Twenty years from now, this will be, for our generation, the Exodus, the Hegira, the Pentecost in Jerusalem, the dawn of civilisation, the discovery of the new world, the great revolution. It is going to be challenging, but life will continue. You are an essential part of the great story. All humanity is in this together. Your part is important.
3. Focus on what is in our control to set goals for today. Learn about stocking up rationally, and staying isolated, and hygiene in public. Let go of what cannot be controlled. Forgive yourself for whatever you thought you should have done. You did the best with what you knew and had. Just simple goals.
4. Identify positive opportunities that we would not have put our energy into, but now we will: like international connections online, working on line, living simply day to day, being kind to another.
5. Remember what is most precious to you and remember that happiness ALWAYS comes from choosing to focus on that, and there are always things not worth focusing on. Focus on love, focus on beauty. Create powerful anchors for those things - memories of moments that sum them up to hold onto as a torch, as we step into the darkness.
6. Find someone who loves you, and find someone to love. Tell them. Think how you could help someone, in however small a way. Our last Prime Minister said one really important thing after the earthquakes in New Zealand: "Above all, throughout this journey, offer those affected your love. Know that your humanity is more powerful than any act of nature."