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During the Pandemic we are running our trainings online.

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2020: Find out what Transformations online training is like

Use these challenging economic times, to grab the extra advantage of NLP. Why has Transformations been New Zealand's largest training organisation for NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) since 1993? Because trainers Richard Bolstad and Julia Kurusheva deliver research based training that really helps you create a more satisfying career, and use NLP congruently in every aspect of your life.

Richard Bolstad

Neuro Linguistic Programming provides amazingly simple, powerful methods to change the way you think, feel, act and learn, and to achieve success in teaching, counselling, business, health care, sports and personal development. If you want to know the research base of the NLP we teach, Reliable Background information on NLP is now available from several sources on the internet. If you're new to NLP, check out the book Transforming Communication, attend the Keys to Success introductory weekend or download free MP3 audio, video and books here right now!

Julia Kurusheva
This beginning weekend training in NLP - The Keys to Success is run next in Auckland, New Zealand, 1-2 November, 2020. Experience New Zealand's best NLP Training with a trainer who trains on several continents every year, and who has books published in 8 languages. Learn the latest NLP techniques. If you've trained in NLP before, repeat your training at 50% of the price with us to add new dimensions to what you learned! Step into a career as an internationally certified NLP coach. Enrol by email until our secure order form returns (asap).

Julia Kurusheva, Steve Andreas and Richard Bolstad

"Someone I've enjoyed learning from over a number of years is Richard Bolstad, one of the most thorough and competent trainers in NLP. He is one of the very few who is constantly developing new distinctions in understanding and practice, as well as congruently living what he teaches.... He is one of the finest NLP trainers I know. Besides being personable, engaging, and high energy, he is very skilled, with a rare breadth and depth of knowledge that is detailed and ecological." - Steve Andreas (centre) NLP trainer, author & developer.

In 2017 Richard Bolstad was the first winner of the ANLP Award - NLP Internationally Category

Richard Bolstad Award

The judges commented "Richard’s nomination stood out to us as we could really see the difference he has made being an international NLP trainer in many parts of the world. He delivers with integrity and precision and has offered some invaluable help to people traumatised in the aftermath of earthquakes in New Zealand and Japan. He has also provided help in the aftermath of war in Eastern European countries. He has been described as “modest and very personable” and reading about the difference his NLP work has made, especially in response to a crisis, is pretty amazing."

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Free NLP ebook: The Rapport Based Organisation

This book sells for US$20 on Amazon. It shows you how to use NLP-based skills in any group or working as a coach with individuals. The Rapport Based Organisation is the organisation you were wanting to be a part of when you began your career. This book draws on research, experience and on models from the field of NLP to show how you can create it. Chapters cover Rapport, The Four Essential Skills Leaders Use to Lead, Creating Cooperation, True Motivation, and NLP based Coaching: The Secret of Excellence.

To download your free 145 page NLP ebook, and receive occasional news from us, simply write your name and email in the form on the right, and click "Get the book". An email will be immediately sent to ask you if it was really you who sent this. Just confirm by clicking the link in that email and a second email will arrive with the link to the eBook.

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Richard Bolstad on cover of NLP Magazine Richard Bolstad on cover of NLP Magazine

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How Do You Know Your NLP Training Will Really Be Useful?

Richard and student Take the guesswork out of choosing an NLP training. Transformations trainings are recognised by several International NLP organisations including the IANLP, and the New Zealand Association of NLP. Financing is available and you have a moneyback guarantee right up until certification! Your trainers are training on 4 continents each year and have authored numerous books in eight languages. You can trust that your trainers actually know how to do what they teach and will demonstrate every process before you practice it.

"NLP Totally turned my thinking around 100 degrees, so that Coast to Coast race day was just a joy." Steve Gurney, New Zealand triathlete and NLP Master Practitioner

Can I afford NLP Training now?

Many people begin NLP training because they are at a crossroads in their life, and they are wanting to change their career path. Talk to us about your plans, and we'll help you work out how much training it will take for you to be earning money in this new career as a coach or trainer. And yes, we not only accept payments by credit card; we also have our own time payment system where you can arrange weekly or monthly automatic payments over the next year. To make sure you are financially safe, we will ask your permission to do a credit check before starting, and there is a small administration charge for arranging this (approximately 5% of the course fee).

Richard Bolstad at NLP Superfest

Richard training at NLP Superfest, Melbourne 2014

What Transformations Offers You

The services we provide include:

  1. DVDs and CD sets, books and downloads from Transformations
  2. One-on-One Coaching, NLP Career Mentoring and Organisational Development
  3. 2 day Introductory NLP Courses in Japan, Thailand, New Zealand etc
  4. 18 day International IANLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner Certification
  5. 20 day International IANLP Trainer Certification and ICI Coach Certification
  6. NLP, Spirituality and Chinese Chi Kung trainings
  7. Transforming Communication trainings